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Jane Rekas, LCSW, CHt

Jane Leu Rekas, LCSW, CHt


My particular childhood experiences did not give me a clear vision of who I was, and this propelled me on a lifelong quest to find that out – in every way and as deeply as possible. I found that discovering myself led to the work I came to do for others, helping them discover themselves.

People can come to me to be recognized on every level of their being. I can show you, through a large variety of tools, how to recognize and appreciate yourself.

        Have you ever felt like you were searching for who you are?  

       Have you found it hard to be seen and recognized?

       Are you hungry to find out who you are at the deepest level?

       Do you find yourself running around trying to find your self - your style and colors, 
your career path - and you never feel satisfied...?

I take people where they need to go, so they can discover who they are - themselves, so they can appreciate the value they have come to give in this lifetime.

I want people to stop comparing themselves to others. Everyone is exactly perfect as they are.

I love visual beauty and see it everywhere. I want you to see it in yourself.

As I help people discover who they are, I also want that to be reflected on the outside. I want you to have the experience of feeling beautiful from the inside to the outside.

I've struggled with my weight and my own beauty. Not only did I not get told who I was, I didn't get instructed in beauty at all, I learned it all on my own. I want to guide others to learn themselves how to uncover their own beauty. I believe there is access for everyone to feel confident and to take care of their body and their appearance because they love themselves.


  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and mental health specialist.  I am a Transpersonal Therapist, which means to transcend the personal and explore the spiritual. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is mindfulness based.  I also use personality and temperament theories, including MBTI.,
  • I am a Seasonal Color Analyst, using Color Me a Season and Color Profiles. I help people discover how to show their true colors.  Your personality/temperament are reflected in the natural colors of your hair, skin and eyes.  Your natural energy and movement, as well as facial features and body type, all coordinate with how to express your authentic style.
  • I am a certified Hypnotist, and Spiritual Regressionist. I help people release limiting behaviors and reinforce positive intentions.
  • I use Astrology, which is a lens to understand our complexity and our inner conflicts, and also to find our gifts that are our exits, coping skills and to find routes out of them, to move to our strengths.
  • I am also Reiki Master energy healer.

          You been searching in many places to find your sense of self, your sense of  purpose, and your style, and yet never feel satisfied...

       You are ready to stop searching... Ready to find answers about yourself.. And ready to mplement what you find.

I work with abstract thinkers, as I often share in metaphors and visual symbols.

You have a hunger for deeper knowledge and understanding.

I give knowledge and guide you to understanding, that will give you peace and security.



When you work with me:

I will see and hear you, on many levels. You can count on me to be a calming presence. I help you pause your negative thinking, holding space so you can relax and become spacious and see what is actually available for you, to see, think and feel clearly.

I believe in you when you don't believe in yourself.

I see who you are even when you don't see yourself, but help you to get there yourself.

I know how to prioritize for you out of wide range of possible strategies.

You can depend on creative solutions from me, because I come from a background of many modalities.

As an Enneagram 4w5, I incorporate a search for meaning, authenticity and aesthetics, with thoughtful strategizing and wide range of knowledge.


When you partner with me, I intend to empower you to make tangible changes to celebrate your identity every day.

I want to help you remove inaccurate beliefs about yourself, to open up the space to really like being in your body, your skin and your life, to like being you.

I work in a variety of modalities, so that every person can be a spirit that is happy in your body. 

I provide active reflection that helps people integrate
I'm coaching because I'm present with you and helping find your deeper significance
I'm reflecting you so you can see yourself
I use many strategies to tie together different aspects of yourself, so you feel unified.

I am a Transpersonal Therapist, which means that I help people look at their lives in ways that transcend just their personality, so moving upward, but also looking below, going deeper.

My clients are committed to personal and spiritual growth.



Read current Testimonials

Hypnosis: "Jane provided excellent care, tailored specifically for my needs. Her ability to draw out what's really important to you is key to your acceptance of her hypnotic suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend Jane as a therapist." 12/13/15

What i need...When i need it! I have honestly never felt the amount of ease and comfort when discussing some rather uncomfortable events that have plagued my life for many years, very few people in my life that i chose to confide in have given me the sense of trust that emanates from Jane. I always end up getting the feedback that i need to hear and whether i like it or not it is always what i need to hear. when i walk out of her office i know in my heart no matter how i'm feeling i just made my day a better day!"" 11/28/15

"Trusted Counseling. I have gone to Jane off and on over the last couple of yrs. She has an amazing ability to make you feel calm no matter how wound up you feel. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with anxiety or other issues. " 11/18/15

"I first met Jane at her DBT group. I found her to be straightforward and kind. I learned so much in such a short period from her. Soon, I decided to try hypnosis. I am not a trusting person by nature, but Jane made me feel comfortable and safe in the space. I listen to my recordings to this day. Here I am a few years later in need of a more hands-on counselor. Jane came to mind immediately. I highly recommend Jane to anyone seeking compassionate solutions." 11/8/15 

"Jane is remarkable - attentive, caring, knowledgeable, flexible in scheduling. After many other counselors failed to help with particular issues, she has made a difference right away. Highly recommended!" 11/7/15 

Hypnosis "I had not expected so many adjacent areas of my life, such as quality of sleep and ability to focus, to be so dramatically improved. Jane's probing questions result in a custom hypnosis program that has made a wonderful difference in my life."11/5/15

Our "Higher Power" "Around us always is our "Higher Power". It is my belief Jane is extremely intelligent and with her empathetic understanding she is part of that "Higher Power". I give thanks for her many times each day as life moves on. With each breath (when I decide to quit holding it) life becomes easier for me." 9/14/15

"Therapy with insight. I've only begun therapy with Jane but already I enjoy her use of multiple modalities to help explore myself fully. I appreciate using regular therapy tricks along with astrology and hypnosis to delve into the issues I'm working through. I like that she does not use a cookie cutter approach but rather looks at you as a whole to help navigate your process. " 8/12/15

DBT Classes " I have been working with Jane Rekas for three years. I just recently started her DBT class. It is been extremely helpful for me to recognize and identify my emotions. And help to regulate them. I also downloaded a DBT app on my phone which sends my therapist emails of my emotional diary. Jane is always prompt or returning my emails with suggestions in the DBT information that I have received. Highly recommend the DBT classes!!"  8/4/15

. I've never had a counselor I feel so comfortable and safe with. If it weren't for Jane idk if I would be where I am today. She's so understanding and wise, providing helpful advise while allowing me to live my own journey and experiences. Thank you so much for you're dedication to my recovery." ❤️ 6/16/15

 "A Little Hope. Jane has given me a safe place to process an extremely difficult event. It has been a comfort to know that I can talk with someone and begin to see hope during this journey." 4/27/15

"A therapist that truly cares it's hard to find! I first met Jane three years ago. I came to Hood River with no money and no insurance for mental health help. Center for living wanted to much money for a evaluation and for their services there's no way that I had that money at that time. It was a miracle that somebody had passed me a card and said try to call her she might be able to help. If it wasn't for her in my life I would not be where I'm at today. She help me to heal! Jane is truly empathetic understanding and an extremely intelligent."  2/19/15

Communication Queen! My husband and I have been seeing Jane for a couple of months now and communicate better than ever. She is flexible, honest, respectful, trustworthy, confident, warm, interested, and open. My husband and I have found a healthy communication balance due to the help of Jane's guidance. Jane is committed to helping people feel successful in their relationships. Thank you for all your help!" 11/6/14

Skillful Family Session: Jane recently facilitated a meeting with my teen daughter and I so skillfully. She helped us to leave the session feeling close and connected while coping with a tough transition and emotionality. I am grateful to have a professional in my life who is caring, attuned and validating. I have worked with her now for approximately 5 years. I recommend Jane Rekas for individual or family therapy. Thank you !!  10/30/14

Hope and Strength. I came to Jane feeling hopeless and defeated by my anxieties. I have seen multiple therapists in the past, and Jane was the only one who made me feel completely understood and like I wasn't alone with my struggles. The combination of her hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques allowed me to feel for the first time in a long time that my anxiety was manageable. Jane helped me find the strength to keep fighting my fears. " 9/1/14

Exceptional Depth of Knowledge. Jane has an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge that helps her to sort through the various systems and formulas to find what works best for her clients! " 5/6/14

Baby Steps. Great introduction to the colors/season/Type and all resources available to discover Type/Humor. I am still accepting my "type" but getting there slowly. Thanks, Jane! " 1/19/14

Hypnosis. I found her to be very comfortable and flexible. I enjoyed my first session and look forward to more. " 1/10/14

This 10 year old girl found me by reading about counseling in an
American Girl book on Divorce! "You're a lot of fun and I feel I can say anything to you... I've learned so many things from talking to you. You even helped my sister with her temper."  1/8/14

Materials offerred to clients. I love all the material to chose from. I feel I can get some direction with them, and it has restored my feelings of hope. "  11/6/13

Phenomenal Session. Immediate ease as the session began. She has an intuitive ability to get what I needed right away! She heard and affirmed what I was dealing with and what others in the situation would be experiencing, thus giving me an ability to empathize with the "other". She had many supportive ideas about where I could go from here as in working with my self at depth. I enthusiastically recommend sessions with Jane at Turtle Dove Counseling!! " 10/12/13

I enjoyed my therapy session with Jane. She was a very good and compassionate listener, was very supportive and gave instructive feedback. " 9/19/13

For the first time I began a counseling session without fear, anxiety and worry. I was relaxed and able to talk and discuss anything with ease. I felt the compassion, concern and care freely given me. I have returned and will on a regular basis. This is the most positive experience I have ever had." 5/28/13

A great place to be. I was suffering loss and sought counseling, I came slightly opinionated with strict "off limits" topics. Jane Rekus provides me with "you lead" counseling that feels safe. The environment is warm and inviting and you can't help but relax and trust her amazing insight." 5/19/13

Jane is understanding, and immediately seemed to be able to put words to the emotions I had been experiencing, but couldn't describe. Jane has a "toolkit" of different skills that she uses in order to understand her patients. Since I've been meeting with her, my relationship with my husband and children have all greatly improved, as well as my own self-awareness. Jane is great at communicating via email, sending articles and links between appointments. I highly recommended her!" 11/7/12

Helped me on my darkest day. I met Jane after my company matched me up with her on a day that I needed help. I am so thankful to her for listening to me, immedietly understanding how she could help and what I need, and then working through my problems one by one. I owe her my sanity! " 8/16/12
"Breath of fresh air. My daughter and I have had an excellent experience with Turtle Dove. Working with Jane has already proven to be inspiring, comfortable and eye opening. She connects well and has a wide breadth of knowledge and resources. Scheduling was uncommonly quick and easy too! " 3/5/12
"Jane Rekas is very skilled. I found Ms. Rekas after conducting research to find a local therapist capable of helping my child cope with trauma, anxiety and loss, which are exacerbated by a learning disability. Ms. Rekas has built a valuable and effective therapeutic relationship with my child who has experienced a marked reduction in anxiety and related behaviors. I am also better equipped to meet my child’s needs. I could not be more pleased with Ms. Rekas’ professionalism, or service. " 1/17/12
Great with children. My 2 children see Jane once a month and she has done a great job of coming up with individualized ways for each of my children to express their problems etc with her. She also doesn't rush to recommend medications and does give you alternativ treatments that most people in the profession don't do. Overall a great place. " 9/26/11

A caring spirit. Jane is a wise caring soul who is skilled with many tools to assist an individual in their self improvement. Extremely easy and comfortable to be around have no fears about beginning personal work with her. " 5/13/11

Highly Recommended. Jane at Turtle Dove Counseling is very welcoming, adaptable to her clients. She has a great breadth of knowledge and experience from spiritual to scientific, to practical which makes her effective and a pleasure to work with. She's helped me through some changes and come out the other side a better person. " 3/15/11

Relationship Progress. Jane is easy to connect with and a great guide to help you communicate with your loved ones. Personal growth and change are much more comfortable in the supported atmosphere she creates." 12/6/10

Jane is the best. I clearly have a safe space in the Hood. Because of my experience with Jane, I know that this is a small town with a big heart. Not just counseling in the office, Jane does lots of follow up on the Internet. I can't ask for more."  10/20/10

"My wife and I left our initial session with Jane feeling very satisfied with her therapeutic approach. We look forward to gaining new tools that will aid in our listening skills and subsequent increased communication. " 9/13/10 

I love Turtle Dove Counseling! From the moment I walked into the room it just felt right. The atmosphere and décor made me feel at peace within my self. Jane is the best at what she does; listens, gives feedback, help work out solutions that to one person could mean the world and then she helps you put it all into perspective. As far as the gorge goes; I believe Turtle Dove Counseling is the best place for some one who really wants, needs, or wants to know if they need help. " 9/14/10

Mystical, Magical: Hood River is the perfect place to live and Jane is the perfect guide to the places within me. Almost every day there is an email with information, videos to watch and information to expand the experience. Yay, Jane! Yay, me! " 9/24/10


Jane Rekas, LCSW, CHt, 216 Cascade Ave. Ste 26, Hood River, OR 97031 971-285-569
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