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  1. Preparing for your child's Virtual Visit
  2. (adult version) Preparing for your virtual visit
  3. AUDIO (for adult version)
  4. Tele-Play Therapy Play Lists
  5. Video Outreach Primer
  6. Virtual Therapy with Children
  7. Development and Children's Therapy
  8. School Based Setting
  9. Handbook of Play Therapy
  10. Play Therapy Interventions & Materials
  11. Evidence Based Treatment (Children)
  12. Board Game Therapy
  13. Parent's Guide to Screen Time
  14. Building Rapport
  15. Cognitive Distortions
  16. Vagal Tone
  17. Virtual Visits for Dummies (VSee)
  18. Essential Oils
  19. Crystals
  20. Energy Psychology incomplete
  21. Schema Therapy
  22. The Work
  23. The Art of Extreme Self Care incomplete
  1. Mindfulness Exercises
  2. Emotion Regulation
  3. Radically Open DBT incomplete
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness
  5. Distress Tolerance
  6. There's a nap for that

Download this presentation Preparing for your child's virtual visit
AUDIO right/click/save
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Download this presentation (adult version) Preparing for your virtual visit
AUDIO (for adult version)

Download this presentation Tele-Play Therapy Play Lists

Download this presentation Video Outreach Primer

Download this presentation  Virtual Therapy with Children

Development and Children's Therapy Download PDF

School Based Setting

Handbook of Play Therapy

Play Therapy Interventions & Materials

Evidence Based Treatment (Children) Download PDF

Board Game Therapy

Parent's Guide to Screen Time Download PDF

Building Rapport

Cognitive Distortions

Vagal Tone Download PDF
also Improving Vagal Tone Download PDF

Virtual Visits for Dummies (VSee)

Essential Oils Download PDF


Energy Psychology

Schema Therapy

The Work

The Art of Extreme Self Care


Mindfulness slides Download PDF

Mindfulness Exercises  Download PDF

Emotion Regulation Download PDF

Radically Open DBT incomplete

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Distress Tolerance

There's a nap for that

Mindful Eating PDF 
Mindful Eating Food Diary PDF


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