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Treatment with Jane Rekas at LifeStance
Hypnosis adjunct to treatment
ADHD Treatment at LifeStance
Jane Rekas, LCSW, CHt
880 82nd Dr., Gladstone, OR 97027 Building A
503-659-5515 x 1270
Take the Wender Utah for adult ADHD


Beck Anxiety Inventory
Burns Anxiety Inventory
GAD-7 Anxiety (0-4 mild, 5-9 moderate, 10-14 moderately severe, 15-21 severe)

Make a Plan about GAD
Reduce GAD-7 symptoms (feeling nervous/anxious, worry too much, trouble relaxing, restlessness, easily annoyed/irritable, fear/dread) from nearly every day, for 3 mos.


Autism Folder

Autism Tests (not definitive)
Functional Assessment
Refer to Psychologist for:
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule ADOS-2
Autism Diagnostic Interview ADI-R
IQ testing
Differential diagnosis of co-occurring psychiatric or developmental differences
Interdisciplinary (e.g. speech, OT evaluations)
Sensory Processing Disorders



Take the Parent Vanderbilt online google form for ADHD
Take the Teacher Vanderbilt online google form  for ADHD

  • SNAP
  • Vanderbilt ADHD +
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ADHD Child Binder

Parent Child Interaction Therapy
We have specialty-trained Parent Child Interaction Therapy providers who can treat children ages 2.5 - 6 experiencing behavioral challenges under most insurances. Please send your referrals to Cornell West if you would like to refer to this program. Sessions are held via zoom, however, there can be exceptions created for some situations given the client need and room setup (providers are behind a one way mirror). Reach out to Julie K.  

Core Beliefs

see also Filters




Reduce PHQ-9 symptoms (loss of interest, feeling depressed/hopeless, sleep difficulty, low energy, poor appetite/overeating, feeling bad about self or failure, poor concentration, moving slowly or restless, thoughts of suicide or self-harm) from nearly every day.



Panic Disorder
Take Sensory Integration Checklist Adults & Adolescents
Take Sensory Integration Checklist Kids and part 2




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