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Changing Core Beliefs

This post contains a number of links that are helpful for exploring and changing your core beliefs. Core Beliefs: Core Beliefs and Depression Developing Balanced Core Beliefs See also  "The Work" Universal Beliefs Unhook Negative Beliefs with EFT See also " Filters or Schemas"    EMDR list of Negative and Positive Cognitions EMDR Schema Focused History Core Belief Clusters Core Belief Inventory Core Beliefs and Self Esteem Core Beliefs and Relationships Challenging Negative Thinking Core Beliefs Inventory Negative Beliefs about Food HOW TO IDENTIFY AND CHANGE YOUR CORE BELIEFS FOR THE BETTER Scroll down for recordings. Click "Listen in Browser" Butterfly then Balloons and Positive Thoughts (20 min)  Replace Worry with Positive Visualization (34 min) Share

Internal Family Systems

This post contains videos that introduce the Internal Family Systems model. "Dr. Marie Fang offers a "parts work" exercise from the Internal Family Systems framework to help you feel more integrated in your approach to life and more at peace about your decisions." Article for further understanding of Internal Family Systems (IFS): also "Managers, Firefighters, Exiles and True Self  – each of which performs an important function and none of which are pathologized. Our  Managers  are the parts of us that tell us how to be in the world. Be hard-working, competent, strong etc, they are very driven by social norms and expectations and tend to be aspects of ourselves that we are most likely to relate to as being “us”. They are the parts of us