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Anxiety Management Workbook

by Margaret Wehrenberg

1. Change Your Intake: Take In, Leave Out. Exercise, Nutrition, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sleep
(American Academy of Sleep Medicine
2. Breathe: diaphragmatic, nasal, lengthen exhale (apps: breathe2relax or mycalmbeat or relaxlite), “smell the roses and blow out candles”; Prevent = Predict, Prepare, Plan; Memory Reconsolidation;
3 C’s of Successful Exposure: Calm, Competent, Confident
3. Practice Mindful Shifting of Awareness: Mindful awareness to reduce hyperfocus on sensation and shift away from worries
4. Relaxation – e.g. Yoga, Take 10
Tense and release or stretch (See Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and release for G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)  Use yoga: fantastic introduction to yoga and to meditation on Check out ‘office yoga’ sequence
5. Stop Catastrophizing: Manage fears of driving and flying. App Stop, Breathe & Think
6. Stop Anxious Thoughts:Apps: MindshiftSAMApp 
7. Contain Your Worry – set a time each day for 10 minutes, add ritual; use the clear mind technique
4 Competencies: a) Eliminate Stressors b) Organize Time and Environment 
c) Manage Attitude d) Relaxation
8. Talk Yourself into Changing Behavior:  Find counter cognitions and apply them consistently to thoughts that undermine. Identify: Goals, actions, or intentions (e.g. “I intend to go back to school.”)
9. Control Too Much Activity: Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Rigid Pro solving III.
10.  Implement a Plan and Practice: Reconsolidation techniques that optimize memory reconsolidation including successful expos and develop skills for calm, competence and confidence 


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