Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Anxiety Management Workbook

by Margaret Wehrenberg

1. Change Your Intake: Take In, Leave Out. Exercise, Nutrition, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sleep
(American Academy of Sleep Medicine
2. Breathe: diaphragmatic, nasal, lengthen exhale (apps: breathe2relax or mycalmbeat or relaxlite), “smell the roses and blow out candles”; Prevent = Predict, Prepare, Plan; Memory Reconsolidation;
3 C’s of Successful Exposure: Calm, Competent, Confident
3. Practice Mindful Shifting of Awareness: Mindful awareness to reduce hyperfocus on sensation and shift away from worries
4. Relaxation – e.g. Yoga, Take 10
Tense and release or stretch (See Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and release for G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)  Use yoga: fantastic introduction to yoga and to meditation on Check out ‘office yoga’ sequence
5. Stop Catastrophizing: Manage fears of driving and flying. App Stop, Breathe & Think
6. Stop Anxious Thoughts:Apps: MindshiftSAMApp 
7. Contain Your Worry – set a time each day for 10 minutes, add ritual; use the clear mind technique
4 Competencies: a) Eliminate Stressors b) Organize Time and Environment 
c) Manage Attitude d) Relaxation
8. Talk Yourself into Changing Behavior:  Find counter cognitions and apply them consistently to thoughts that undermine. Identify: Goals, actions, or intentions (e.g. “I intend to go back to school.”)
9. Control Too Much Activity: Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Rigid Pro solving III.
10.  Implement a Plan and Practice: Reconsolidation techniques that optimize memory reconsolidation including successful expos and develop skills for calm, competence and confidence 

Jane Rekas


Jane Rekas is a Licsensed Clinical Social Worker at Turtle Dove Counseling and Hood River DBT, Certified Hypnotist at Hood River Hypnosis, Reiki Master at Rekas Reiki, Astrologer at Astrological Counsel, and Seasonal Color Analyst at Expressing Your Truth.


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