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Awakening Beauty: the four humors

Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way
Awakening Beauty the Dr. Hauschka Way
by Susan West Kurz
This natural beauty book has a section on the Four Humors.

The Four Faces Within
p. 28-33

"Choosing the bath, exercise, or meditative practice that's right for you depends on your ability to see your current imbalances.  One of the most effective tools for self-examination and rebalancing ins the Four Temperaments... Each of the four personality types has a positive and negative pole.  Each can become imbalanced and turn into it's own form of stress and conflict...

Choleric Temperament: Let's Get it Done - Now!
When you are in the choleric temperament, you are a doer and a leader. You take on challenges and get things done... The ancient Greeks associated this temperament with the fire element -- and, indeed, when you are in choleric temperament, your emotions tend to fiery. But as stress builds, your determination can turn into stubbornness.  Your attention to detail and insistence on making things right can become the basis for frustration and outbursts of anger... Whenever an imbalanced choleric nature arises, it's time to relax, back up, and exhale... When you find your choleric temperament out of control, take a warm lavender bath.  Lavendar cools and relaxes the body.  It reduces tension and inflammation.  As the tension dissipates, circulation improves... Spend time in nature... Get a massage, listen to soft music, and talk about your inner conflicts and frustrations with someone who loves and supports you... Meanwhile, increase your consumption of cooked vegetables, avoid spicy foods, and reduce or eliminate alcohol.

Sanguine Temperament: All Is Groovy

The sanguine temperament is characterized by optimism, humor, and a generally upbeat nature.  You're positive, happy, and bent on enjoying life.  Little or nothing gets you down... Sanguines can actually carry the good life a little too far, partly due to an intense curiosity.  You want to study everything.  Life thoroughly fascinates you, and every subject seems to draw your attention... The more the sanguine becomes imbalanced, the less committed you are to any single endeavor or any individual person.  You have trouble getting things done.  You can't concentrate, discipline yourself or work hard.  You become impractical, flighty, and -- like with element with which this temperament is associated -- a little too airy.  You party too much, work too little, and make mistakes too easily... When Sanguine is out of balance, it's time to get real.  The place to start is with a spruce bath.  Spruce has a dense, resinous aroma that grounds the senses and restores our intimate connection with our body and nervous system... In addition to the spruce bath, try vigorous exercise... Eat more cooked whole grains... Whole grains strengthen the nervous system and ground us... Avoid sugar, alcohol and (needless to say) recreational drugs.

The Phlegmatic: Everything's in Order, and I Want to Keep it That Way!

The phlegmatic temperament gives you the ability to think things through, to envision the future, and to create a plan for the fulfillment of goals.  This is the part of you that loves order and finds safety in routine... As wonderful as all of these qualities are, when you're out of balance they can form a kind of prison.  Life becomes ponderous, predictable, and flat with no excitement and little joy.  You can become dull and boring... In other words, it's time to wake up.  A lemon bath provides a therapeutic awakening of the nervous system and the senses.  Lemon captures the warmth and energy of the sun... In addition to the lemon bath, eat more warming spices, such as garlic, cumin, coriander, pepper and roasted red pepper, all of which warm and awaken the heart.  Minimize dairy products, which can reinforce the phlegmatic nature by creating stagnation. Listen to music that inspires your spirit, and opens your heart. Let yourself remember old ambitions and dreams.  Do something entirely different each day.  Dance... take up a new hobby... plan a trip...

The Melancholic Temperament: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

When you are in the melancholic nature, you are caring, compassionate, and openhearted.  You think about life less from the practical perspective than from the philosophical.  You are spiritually oriented.  You see the big picture and the great sweep of history.  Yet you connect to individuals, especially to their pain.  You listen attentively to people who want to share their tale of woe.  In the melancholic pole of your nature, you are introverted and extremely sensitive... You are intuitive and highly perceptive... In the melancholic character, you can be extremely moody, moving from elation to depression within minutes.  You also tend to worry a lot, especially about your physical health... Melancholics wallow in deep existential questions, often finding pleasure in worry and dread... If the melancholic nature has gotten the better of you, it's time to get out of your head and back into your body.  Start with a series of rosemary baths, which will warm your body, awaken your senses, and dramatically boost your circulation.  Rosemary revitalizes the body and lights the fire of our physical powers and passions.  It puts us back in touch with our choleric nature... Also, try soaking your feet in  spruce  baths... Eat cooked whole grains and root vegetables daily.  Avoid raw vegetables and raw fruit, both of which cool the body and send the life forces upward.  Keep the body warm, especially your feet.


... but hey, don't listen to me or anyone, EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH! Jane


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