Division of Labor

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How to Create a Fair Division of Labor

Step 1: Identify Your Household Responsibilities
Step 2: Assume Responsibility for Items That You Would Enjoy Doing or Prefer To Do Yourself
Step 3: Assign the Remaining Responsibilities to the One Wanting Them Done the Most
Step 4: Meet the Needs of Domestic Support by Assuming Responsibilities.
His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage -written by Dr Willard Harley

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“Working together as a team”—we know we’ve talked a lot about this on different levels in past marriage messages, but SURPRISE, we aren’t done! And we never will be, because we so deeply believe that married couples are supposed to work together as a team. We believe this is part of “Cleaving” together in marriage (biblically-speaking).
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“Don’t shower me with love and kisses—just whisper softly, ‘I’ll do the dishes’.” This is where real life happens in a marriage. When couples accomplish the tasks of life TOGETHER, they free up time to pursue personal and marital goals. This enriches their enjoyment of their relationship and each other.
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THE MARRIAGE DILEMMA: What do you do if one of you has the “natural inclination” to be a “messie” and this drives the other spouse absolutely crazy because they like things neat and tidy?
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