Monday, August 27, 2012

Types under Stress

Personality Type
Anxiety Trigger
New Knowledge Learned
Careful; Orderly; Realistic
Issues of reality; Unknowns; Overdoing own type
Dogged on detail; Loss of task orientation and order
Lose control over details; Impulsiveness; Catastrophizing
Hit bottom; Others take you seriously; Unload details
Broader perspective; Clarified values; Flexibility in relationships
Efficient; Factual; Crisis Manager
Excessive future focus; Closing off options; Excessive structure
Distracted by data; Appear tired, aloof, worried
Internal confusion; Easily offended; Grandiose visions
Making contingency plans; Reassurance about dire preditions; Set priorities
Less fear of possibilities; Appreciate the unknown; Access own intuition
Innovative; Insightful; Visionary
Detail; Unexpected events; Excessive extraverting
Become limited in thinking; Make more factual mistakes
Obsessive focus on external data; Sensual overindulgence; adversarial attitude
Time alone; Lighter load; Absence of advice-givers
Adapt to outer details; Tempered pleasures; Realistic goals
Trusting; Optimistic; Intuitive
Exhaustion; Facts; Violation of values
Confused with options; Poor judgment; Pessimistic
Depression; Obsessive; Focus on body
Meditation; Pampering by others; Support vs patronizing
Broader perspective; Value of fact and detail; More structure and planfulness
Objective; Cool/aloof; Exacting
Strong emotional expressions; Violation of values; Loss of privacy
Sarcastic; Cutting; Vague; Distracted
Hyper-logic; Hypersensitive to relationships; Emotionalism
Peace and distance from others; Fewer responsibilities; Few questions
Accept the illogical; Recognize vulnerability; Ability to express deep feelings
Logical; Fair; Controlled
Accountability issues; Others' display of emotion; Violated values; Regret of own harshness
One-sided opinions with little data; Internal arguments with self
Hypersensitivity to inner state; Outbursts of emotion; Fear of feeling
Experience depth of feeling; Silent support from others; Talking to a trusted person
Recognition of own limits; Acceptance of the irrational; Importance of intimate relationships
Flexible; Open; Accepting
Negativity or excessive criticism; Fear of impending loss; Violated values
Overreact to imagined insults; Ignore positive intuition
Judgments of Incompetence; Aggressive criticism; Precipitous actions
Plays itself out; Validation of feelings; Others not using reason
Acceptance of power needs; Acknowledgement of competence; Moderate idealism
Enthusiastic; Optimistic; Humane
Absence of trust; Pressure to conform; Interpersonal conflict
Insist on harmony; Demand good will
Excessive criticism; Convoluted logic; Compulsive truth quest
Solitude; Journaling; Start new project; Privacy
Less need for harmony; Trust in own logical thinking; Tempered response to adversity

Jane Rekas


Jane Rekas is a Licsensed Clinical Social Worker at Turtle Dove Counseling and Hood River DBT, Certified Hypnotist at Hood River Hypnosis, Reiki Master at Rekas Reiki, Astrologer at Astrological Counsel, and Seasonal Color Analyst at Expressing Your Truth.


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