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Types under Stress

Personality Type
Anxiety Trigger
New Knowledge Learned
Careful; Orderly; Realistic
Issues of reality; Unknowns; Overdoing own type
Dogged on detail; Loss of task orientation and order
Lose control over details; Impulsiveness; Catastrophizing
Hit bottom; Others take you seriously; Unload details
Broader perspective; Clarified values; Flexibility in relationships
Efficient; Factual; Crisis Manager
Excessive future focus; Closing off options; Excessive structure
Distracted by data; Appear tired, aloof, worried
Internal confusion; Easily offended; Grandiose visions
Making contingency plans; Reassurance about dire preditions; Set priorities
Less fear of possibilities; Appreciate the unknown; Access own intuition
Innovative; Insightful; Visionary
Detail; Unexpected events; Excessive extraverting
Become limited in thinking; Make more factual mistakes
Obsessive focus on external data; Sensual overindulgence; adversarial attitude
Time alone; Lighter load; Absence of advice-givers
Adapt to outer details; Tempered pleasures; Realistic goals
Trusting; Optimistic; Intuitive
Exhaustion; Facts; Violation of values
Confused with options; Poor judgment; Pessimistic
Depression; Obsessive; Focus on body
Meditation; Pampering by others; Support vs patronizing
Broader perspective; Value of fact and detail; More structure and planfulness
Objective; Cool/aloof; Exacting
Strong emotional expressions; Violation of values; Loss of privacy
Sarcastic; Cutting; Vague; Distracted
Hyper-logic; Hypersensitive to relationships; Emotionalism
Peace and distance from others; Fewer responsibilities; Few questions
Accept the illogical; Recognize vulnerability; Ability to express deep feelings
Logical; Fair; Controlled
Accountability issues; Others' display of emotion; Violated values; Regret of own harshness
One-sided opinions with little data; Internal arguments with self
Hypersensitivity to inner state; Outbursts of emotion; Fear of feeling
Experience depth of feeling; Silent support from others; Talking to a trusted person
Recognition of own limits; Acceptance of the irrational; Importance of intimate relationships
Flexible; Open; Accepting
Negativity or excessive criticism; Fear of impending loss; Violated values
Overreact to imagined insults; Ignore positive intuition
Judgments of Incompetence; Aggressive criticism; Precipitous actions
Plays itself out; Validation of feelings; Others not using reason
Acceptance of power needs; Acknowledgement of competence; Moderate idealism
Enthusiastic; Optimistic; Humane
Absence of trust; Pressure to conform; Interpersonal conflict
Insist on harmony; Demand good will
Excessive criticism; Convoluted logic; Compulsive truth quest
Solitude; Journaling; Start new project; Privacy
Less need for harmony; Trust in own logical thinking; Tempered response to adversity


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