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True Colors

The four colors are representative of the four temperaments of the MBTI. Personality Typology Links

Types under Stress

Personality Type Balanced Anxiety Trigger Stressed Anxious Re-balance New Knowledge Learned ISTJ - ISFJ Careful; Orderly; Realistic Issues of reality; Unknowns; Overdoing own type Dogged on detail; Loss of task orientation and order Lose control over details; Impulsiveness; Catastrophizing Hit bottom; Others take you seriously; Unload details Broader perspective; Clarified values; Flexibility in relationships ESTP -ESFP Efficient; Factual; Crisis Manager Excessive future focus; Closing off options; Excessive structure Distracted by data; Appear tired, aloof, worried Internal confusion; Easily offended; Grandiose visions Making contingency plans; Reassurance about dire preditions; Set priorities Less fear of possibilities; Appreciate the unknown; Access own intuition INTJ - INFJ Innovative; Insightful; Visionary Detail; Unexpected events; Excessive extraverting Become limited in thinking; Make more factual mi