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"The treatment studied at the University of New Mexico is called "Imagery Rehearsal Therapy" and is classified as a  cognitive-behavioral treatment . It does not involve the use of medications. In brief, the treatment involves helping the clients change the endings of their nightmares, while they are awake, so that the ending is no longer upsetting. The client is then instructed to rehearse the new, nonthreatening images associated with the changed dream. Imagery Rehearsal Therapy also typically involves other components designed to help clients with problems associated with nightmares, such as  insomnia . For example, clients are taught basic strategies that may help them to improve the quality of their sleep, such as refraining from  caffeine  during the afternoon, having a consistent evening wind-down ritual, or refraining from watching TV in bed. Some medications that have been studied for treatment of PTSD-related nightmares and may be effective in reducing nig