Smart Phone Apps for Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Smart Phone Apps for Relaxation and Stress Reduction

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Use these apps to help create a relaxing atmosphere.
  1. iLove Birds Lite: This app offers the relaxing sounds of birds.
  2. Massager: Work out a kink in your neck or get a break with this useful app.
  3. Jiyuka: With Jiyuka, you can create beautiful compositions of randomly generated flowers.
  4. Custom Sounds of Nature: Custom Sounds of Nature offers relaxing ambient sounds.
  5. Wings: Wings is an iPhone flight simulator that offers loads of relaxation as you experience the effect of floating in the air.
  6. Happiness: The Happiness app offers a great way to change your mood within moments.
  7. Silent Island: Use Silent Island to get relaxation with selected melodies.
  8. iKite: iKite is a fun and relaxing game that allows you to virtually fly a kite.
  9. BlowAway: Observe a beautiful picture and even blow flowers away using this app.
  10. iDream: With iDream, you can escape everyday noise and relax.
  11. Ambience: Ambience offers iPhone users an app with professional sound and beautiful relaxing backgrounds.
  12. Bubble Blow: Using Bubble Blow, you can blow bubbles on your iPhone, then watch them, move them, or pop them.
  13. Tranquil Alarm: Make use of Tranquil Alarm to get a peaceful start to your mornings.
  14. Zen Magic: Using this iPhone application, you can get soothing relaxation through drawing and calming sounds.
  15. Easy-Relax: Create your own relaxation themes with this app for the iPhone.
  16. Art: This factbook app offers information about artists and their works, as well as a quiz to test your learning.
  17. Koi Pond: Use Koi Pond to see the beauty of a Japanese koi pond on your iPhone.
  18. Art Envi Deluxe: Art Envi Deluxe boasts a variety of famous artists, works, and specialized categories.
  19. Paradise: Use Paradise to see one of five scenes and sounds of paradise.
Stress Relief
You’ll find options for lowering your stress level here.
  1. Massage Me: With Massage Me, you’ll get a relaxing massage from the iPhone’s vibration.
  2. iHateMyJob: Vent about your work troubles and find out what others are going through on this iPhone app.
  3. Fracture: If you find yourself so stressed that you want to break something, you can virtually break your iPhone with this app.
  4. Stress Shaker: Read quotes, watch your boat, and shake your stress away with this app.
  5. Stress Reducer: This app is designed to help you relax and unwind.


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