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Smart Phone Apps for Mental Health

Having a panic attack? There's an iPhone app for that. Many mental health specialists are developing online applications for mobile phones and other technology.

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Smart Phone Apps for Mental Health

Let Panic Go $2.99
Let Panic Go was developed in collaboration with psychiatrists, clinical researchers, medical students and patients. It should not replace medical evaluation-rather, this app is intended to supplement the user's existing treatment plan. We recommend discussing optimal use of this tool with your healthcare provider.

is an iPhone and iPod Touch app for recording your mental state and the factors that influence your mood. Keeping track of how you are feeling is an important step towards improving your mental health and wellbeing. MyMoodTracker provides a quick and easy recording mechanism which is with you wherever you go. If you want to start feeling better every day, MyMoodTracker can help get you there. 

Optimism Free
Optimism mood chart apps are mood tracking applications, designed to help you increase your understanding of all the things that affect your mental health. The apps act as a springboard to detect patterns in your health and develop strategies to proactively manage depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions.

 PTSD Coach Free
National Center for PTSD
PTSD Coach mobile app wins FCC award for helping people use technology to manage PTSD symptoms.  The PTSD Coach app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma. 

Language of Letting Go
Find inspiration anywhere, at any time, with Hazelden's Language of Letting Go mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Featuring The Language of Letting Go, the best-selling meditation book by popular self-help author Melody Beattie, this app helps those who struggle with the issue of codependency find inner peace and the strength to take care of themselves.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Self-Help App $8.99
DBT Self-help is a tool that helps you manage overwhelming emotions, break destructive impulsive behaviors, navigate relationships and cultivate mindfulness. It contains skill descriptions complete with rationale and practice tips that will enable you to develop and practice the needed skills. The skills are based upon the principles and skills taught in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill classes. The app can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy or as a standalone self-help intervention as the skills can be implemented into many situations and settings. 


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