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Collaborative Problem Solving Videos

There are three instruments that can help you accomplish these missions. The first -- called the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP) –- is used to identify lagging skills and unsolved problems. There's a revised (2011) version of the ALSUP intended to facilitate the flow of information that occurs in discussions aimed at identifying lagging skills and unsolved problems (just click on the link below).  The second instrument –- called the Plan B Flowchart –- was designed to help you keep track of the unsolved problems you’re currently working on and where you are in the process of solving them. And the third -- the Plan B Cheat Sheet -- provides you with key components you'll want to keep in mind while you're doing Plan B. These forms are now available in multiple languages (see below)!  Download them here, and then copy and use them...often!
And if you need a one-page description of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach, we have that, too! (CLICK HERE)
Click here for the revised (2011) ALSUP (PDF)
Click here for the original ALSUP (PDF)
Click here for the original ALSUP in Likert scale format (PDF)
Click here for the Revised Plan B Flowchart (PDF)
Click here for the Plan B Cheat Sheet (PDF)


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