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Radiant Recovery: Sugar Sensitivity

Being sugar sensitive means you have unstable blood sugar, low serotonin and low beta endorphin. All three are out of balance. When this happens, you feel bad and you cannot will or medicate or talk your way into feeling better. Therapy, self-help or 12-step programs alone cannot heal you either because they do not heal the cause of your addiction: your sugar-sensitive biochemistry.

If you are sugar sensitive, what and when you eat has a huge impact on how you feel. Eating a diet high in sugar, refined flour, alcohol and junk foods makes your sugar sensitivity - and your moods - out of control.
When your sugar-sensitive body is in balance, life is good. When it is out of balance, life is miserable.
Getting Well

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D. has designed a program to heal your body’s sugar sensitivity and bring it into balance. She is a pioneer in the field of addictive nutrition and was the first to give sugar sensitivity a name. She understands your issues and knows the huge impact sugar has on your body and mind.

Tell me more about blood sugar, serotonin and beta endorphin.

Can sugar really be addictive?

So where did the idea of sugar sensitivity come from anyway?
What is the science behind it?

The reclassification of sugar as a drug.

Genetic difference in response to alcohol at the opiate receptors.


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