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Art Therapy Ideas

Transformational Self-Portraits Mandala Art Activity For Self-Discovery And Healing Art Therapy Techniques Appreciating the Benefits of Art Therapy Art Therapy for Children Finding Yourself Warm Up How Do I Feel Right Now? My Inner and Outer Self Looking Back Where Am I At? Current Challenge Self-Portrait Block Buster I My Creative Self The Guide Within Me Healing the Body/Mind Body Talks Tension and Relaxation Nurturing the Child Within Nurturing All of Me Drawing Out Your Inner Healer Personal Support System Dream Work Draw a Dream Translating My Dreams

Exposure Therapy and Phobias

Image In exposure therapy, also known as systematic desensitization, you are exposed in a safe and controlled way to the object or situation you fear. The most commonly used exposure therapy involves gradual encounters with the fear-producing object, first in the imagination and then in reality. Facing a fear of dogs Step 1: Draw a dog on a piece of paper. Step 2: Read about dogs. Step 3: Look at photos of dogs. Step 4: Look at videos of dogs. Step 5: Look at dogs through a closed window. Step 6: Look through a partly-opened window. Step 7: Look at them from a doorway. Step 8: Move further out from the doorway. Step 9: Have a helper bring a dog into a nearby room (on a leash). Step 10: Have the helper bring the dog into the same room, still on a leash. For example, if you have a dental phobia, you might first sit in the waiting room of a dental office, then talk with the dentist, and then sit in the dentist’s chair. These exposures are combined wi

Exposure Therapy and OCD

Video on Exposure Therapy and OCD "At the heart of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for OCD and related anxiety disorders is the process of “exposure therapy”, during which we help clients repeatedly do the very thing that most terrifies them. For a client with OCD, this might mean purposely touching doorknobs without then washing. For someone with Pure Obsessional OCD, this could mean purposely thinking about being a pedophile or a murderer. A client with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) may be asked to go out for a walk without the hat they usually wear to hide their face or to go to a brightly-lit restaurant with a group of friends. Someone with Panic Disorder exposure might mean driving on the freeway or taking a plane flight. And an individual with Social Anxiety may be urged to go to the mall to initiate conversations with strangers."

Core Symptoms of Codependence

From Facing Codependence , by Pia Melody Five core symptoms of powerlessness 1. Self-Esteem Experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteem ~ Let God love you. 2. Boundaries Establishing boundaries in their dealings with others ~ Let God protect you. 3. Reality Understanding and owning the reality of their body, thoughts, feelings, desires, spirituality and personal identity. ~ Ask God to direct your thinking. 4. Nees and Wants Acknowledging and taking responsibility for adult wants and needs ~ Ask God for help. 5. Moderation Experiencing and expressing their reality moderately ~ Ask God to help you find your wise mind. Five core consequences of unmanageability 1. Negative Control When you tell a person what he or she should look like (body), what meaning he or she is to give incoming data (thinking), what emotions he or she should be having (feeling) or what he or she should do or not do (behavior). 2. Resentment From the perception that someone has committed an in

Spiritual Number Sequences

Doreen Virtue "Your angels often communicate messages to you by showing you sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways. First, they subtly whisper in your ear so you'll look up in time to notice the clock's time or a phone number on a billboard. The angels hope you'll be aware that you're seeing this same number sequence repeatedly. For instance, you may frequently see the number sequence 111, and it seems every time you look at a clock the time reads 1:11 or 11:11. The second way in which angels show you meaningful number sequences is by physically arranging for, say, a car to drive in front of you that has a specific license plate number they want you to see. Those who are aware of this phenomenon become adept at reading the meaning of various license plates. In this way, the angels will actually give you detailed messages. Here are the basic meanings of various number sequences. However, your own angels will tell you if your situation holds a differen

Metaphysical causes of Illness

Issues A - F Issues G - L Issues M - R Issues S - Z "Throughout this site it is emphasised that failure to deal with spiritual,emotional,mental or physical issues is likely to result in the manifestation of illness or dis-ease in the body. Deep down most of us know that there is a link between how how we live our lives and our health. Many spiritual groups and individual teachers have used their experience to help catogrise the relationship between metaphysical issues and how they may manifest in the body. Perhaps the seminal work in this area was the book " Heal Your Body " by Louise Hay which lists all the common illnesses and diseases and suggest the possible metaphysical cause. If you have an interest in this linkage you can buy "Heal Your Body" by Louise Hay here or her best selling " You can Heal Your Life " which includes this list in the back. Our minds and our bodies are linked. This link is already based not only by the impirical an

Moving office location within same building

Will be moving from Suite 1 to Suite 9 & 10, to have a waiting room/group room.