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Parent Education

2010 Fall Activity Guide for HR (includes Wasco County Info) @Mid-Columbia Child & Family Center, The Dalles: Strengthening Families Program, Jan. 27 - March 10, 2011 For Parents and Youth 10-14 @Mid-Columbia Senior Center, The Dalles Body Works (Teen Health & Nutrition) For Parents and Teens (9-14) @Life in Christ Center, The Dalles Explosive Child Book Club @ The Next Door, Inc., Hood River & The Dalles Open Enrollment Parenting Education Can't seem to get signed up for parenting classes by the time they start? Now we have a more convenient class for you. Enroll anytime, get started anytime. This class series focuses on children ages 0-8. Parents, grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers can learn new skills and better understand, nurture, and care for the children in their lives. Classes are in both The Dalles and Hood River. By Jane Rekas, LCSW in Hood River Turtle Dove Counseling Parenting Classes Alte

ADHD Adult Treatment Guidelines


Class: Parenting Alternatives to Control:

Mondays 6:30-8pm, Single Sessions, $10 Offered any of these dates: 1/24/11, 4/18/11, 5/9/11 Description: Parents and guardians will learn about the body/mind connection as it relates to stress for children, particularly for any children that have experienced trauma. They will be introduced to parenting strategies which are loving and effective, rather than causing further stress to both child and caregiver. Based on the book: Beyond Conseqences, Logic and Control: A Love Based Approach to Helping Children with Severe Behaviors , by Heather Forbes, LCSW and B. Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW. RSVP on facebook for Jan. 24

Class: The Inflexible Explosive Child

Children do well if they can. They don’t choose to be explosive and non-compliant. Rather they have a delay in developing skills critical to being flexible and tolerating frustration or difficulty applying these skills. Explosive Child handouts summarizing book: The Explosive Child, by Dr. Greene Videos on Collaborative Problem Solving Handout Based on the book The Explosive Child , by Ross W. Greene Phd Instructor: Jane Rekas, LCSW Location: Turtle Dove Counseling 205 Oak St. Ste. 1 Dates: Wednesday 2/23/2011, or  Monday 4/11/2011, or 5/23/2011 End Date: One session Start Time: 6:30 pm End Time: 8:00pm Class Fee: $10 Community Education Classes Spring-Summer 2011 RSVP on facebook for Feb. 23 (Wed).

ADHD Child Treatment Guidelines


ADHD: The Unritalin Solution

"Dr. Yannick Pauli is a chiropractor who has advanced training in functional neurology, nutrition and functional medicine. He also has advanced education in chiropractic paediatrics. He is the Director of the Centre Wellness NeuroFit in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is in this clinic that he runs Brain Potential, a holistic brain-based stimulation program that integrates various therapies to help children suffering from ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders, as well as other developmental disorders such as autism. What is ADHD? - The Unritalin Difference You may have heard many different opinions about what ADHD is or is not. Those opinions vary widely on a spectrum, with one extreme holding on to the view that ADHD is mainly a genetic brain condition, while the other extreme affirms that ADHD does not exist at all. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.In order to present you with the most complete understanding possible of what ADHD is, I thought that you c

ADHD: The Feingold Diet

"The Feingold Diet derives from the program suggested in the book “Why Your Child is Hyperactive“, first published in the 1970s by Dr. Benjamin Feingold, a pediatrician and allergist. He went on to develop and promote his dietary approach to helping children with learning and behavior problems, since categorized as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Feingold Diet is based on the premise that allergic reactions or sensitivities to certain types of foods cause or contribute to ADD/ADHD symptoms, such as problems with: ■Behavior (marked hyperactivity, impulsive and compulsive actions, emotional concerns) ■Learning (short attention span, neuro-muscular difficulties, cognitive and perceptual disturbances) ■Health (physical complaints and/or sleep problems) The full Feingold Program How it functions The Feingold Program is more comprehensive than a simple diet, and operates in two stages. Stage 1 eliminates chemical comp

Emotional Empowerment: Hood River DBT

EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT: HOOD RIVER DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) combines cognitive and behavioral therapy, incorporating methodologies from various practices including mindfulness techniques. We’ve all found ourselves in a crisis, in a conflict with someone important in our lives or overwhelmed by emotion and circumstances. It can be difficult to maintain emotional balance while figuring out just how to navigate through those stressful times. For some, repetitive stressful events and an inability to recover fully from one event before another occurs, results in destructive behaviors, such as self-injury and suicide attempts, drug/alcohol or food related problems. It takes skills to solve life’s problems while enduring intense emotion. In DBT, four skills modules are designed to specifically assist individuals in better managing behavioral, emotional and cognitive instability. Their intent is to help people with problems with anger or the expression with anger, episodic

Law of Attraction

Great upbeat law of attraction visualization (mind movie), focusing on the "68 Seconds" process from Abraham Hicks!


Zur Institute, LLC Balancing bipolars' ups & downs requires more than medication alone. With training, bipolars can learn to regulate their moods - to varying degrees, depending on size of emotional range, the presence or lack thereof of other presenting issues, access to helpful resources and ability & desire to make use of them. Clinical Update: Bipolar Disorder: The Disorder, Its Treatments and Alternative Views, offered by Zur Clinical Update on Bipolar Disorder: The Disorder, Its Treatments and Alternative Views, offered by Zur Institute for Psychologists, MFTs, SWs and Counselors