PacificSource to Serve Oregon’s Children through New State Program

PacificSource has been selected as the statewide carrier for Oregon’s Healthy KidsConnect program. Healthy Kids is free or low-cost healthcare coverage for Oregon children that don’t have health insurance. We’re very pleased to have this opportunity to help make healthcare more accessible to families. In addition, the program will lead to greater collaboration with our network providers who provide important services to pediatric and adolescent populations. Here are a few facts about the program:

•Healthy KidsConnect began February 1, 2010.
•Authorized by the 2009 Oregon Legislature (House Bill 2116), the program is part of the State of Oregon’s Healthy Kids initiative for children that are without insurance. Over time, the state expects to enroll more than 30,000 children in Healthy KidsConnect.
•Providers will be reimbursed according to their PPO contract rates.
•Coverage provides comprehensive medical, pharmacy, vision, and dental benefits.
•Premium subsidies are available for low-income families seeking assistance.
•The program operates in conjunction with the Oregon Health Plan.
•The Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP) is the group policyholder for Healthy KidsConnect insurance. They set eligibility requirements, premium, out-of-pocket costs, and benefits, as well as collect the premium from participants.
•In addition to PacificSource, several carriers were selected to be regional carriers, allowing families to choose from more than one health insurer, depending on their location.

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