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Flower Essences: Love Addiction

There are many other healing tools that can be used to assist recovery from love addictions. One healing tool is "Flower Essences". In fact, Austrailian Bush Flower Essences has a "Relationship Essence" which contains the following flower essences:

■Boab: helps bring change, helps clears negative core patterns that are rooted in family and which are inherited. Can also help clear negative lines of karma that exist between individuals and past life influence.
■Bluebell: is for those who cut themselves off from their feelings and helps to open the heart and to disolve greed and rigidity. Emotions are present but withheld and there is even fear of expressing positive emotions such as joy and love, etc through operation of fear that there is just not enough and they can't survive if they let go of all they hold onto.
■Bottlebrush: helps one to resolve mother issues and helps one embrace major life changes. It brushes away the past allowing individuals to move on and go forward.
■Bush Gardenia: helps one to renew passion and interest in relationships. Helps with intimacy, and resolving where there is too much self-interest or lack of awareness in a partnership.
■Dagger Hakea: Is for helping on to release resentments, bitterness and grudges.
■Flannel Flower: is for those who fear emotional or physical intimacy, getting too close and who have a hard time maintaining personal boundaries. Helps one to garner trust to express ones innermost feelings.
■Red Helmet Orchid: Helps for resolving father issues, probelms with confrontation or authority.
■Red Suva Frangipani: Is for the rocky relationship that is challenged and is also for resolving deep sense of loss and sadness when a relationship is in trouble or has ended. Helps to heal that feeling of emotional rawness.
■Wedding Bush: Is for issues with commitment to a relationship, job, goal etc. It can be used for individuals who tend to flit from one relationship to another, or for those who leave relationships when the crush phase or initial attraction has diminished.


  1. In my opinion, in all types of addiction, from alcohol addiction to drug addiction to love addiction, the very first step to recovery is the person's strong determination to change to become a much better person, followed by strong support from family and friends.

  2. TY Jane for this post! while in couciling with PTSD showing up -now hitting a newly realized 'Bottom" low bottom love addiction; I had the thought, " i wonder how/or which flowers can help. I'm encourage to know this powerful intelligent and traditional medicine out of the earth can and will help me recover my right mind and resore my soul . thankyou ian white! thank God thankyou St. Hildegard


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