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The Encyclopedia of CrystalsWelcome to our little corner on Etsy: Starlene & Company

My name is Starlene, I am a jewelery designer, metaphysical gemologist, astrologer, intuitive reader and Reiki teacher. You never really know what you may find in my handmade energy shop!

I really enjoy doing readings for people and then making them a custom piece of jewelery from the thoughts about the reading. Look through my store for one of those ad's. I also love finding new mediums to work and create things with, lately it has been wire.

Gemstones and crystals are a favorite medium of mine to work with so a lot of the time I will include those in my creations. Not only do I love gemstones and crystals for their beauty, I believe they have energies all of their own & each piece of jewelery or handcrafted item I make ~ I do it with a specific intention, so read the ad to find out why!

I just love making jewelery, mostly one of a kind stuff. I also love making yummy smelling candles. I do a little digital artwork and sometimes will make things that I can use my professional heat press on! I even wrap lighters with the digital art, check out my store for those!

If you are looking for something custom or specific, please don't hesitate to convo me!

I have been selling stuff online for about 10 years, so I know all about selling on the internet. I use this virtual world that we call the internet to explore and share my creativity with the world. I look at it as my playground, so won't you come play with me?!

My mother Ann & daughter Ellie, both help me out with the online shops I have. They are the glue that sort of keeps my wild and crazy mind together! So if you write me, any one of us may call you back, if you have a personal email for me just put *Peronal for Starlene* in the subject and it will go directly to me.

Thanks for stopping in our handmade energy shop and taking the time to read about us. We look forward to meeting and talking with some of you!

Love and Blessings, Starlene, Ann & Ellie

These are my other websites:

And my weekly radio show, don't miss that!
& the office number 559-927-3454

P.S. You can also see our brand NEW Rocks And Reiki shop here on Etsy... We just opened and are selling lots of Reiki energized gemstones there!


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