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Allergies and Psychiatric Symptoms

Stress, Anxiety Can Make Allergy Attacks Even More Miserable And Last Longer
ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2008) — "A new study shows that even slight stress and anxiety can substantially worsen a person’s allergic reaction to some routine allergens."

The Link Between Food Allergies and Mental Illness
"The concept of mental illness involving food allergies goes back to Adelle Davis, Carlton Fredericks, Wendel & Beebe (1973), and more."

BRAIN ALLERGIES by Patrick Holford

Do you have disperceptions and

1. A history of infantile colic
2. A history of infantile eczema
3. A history of coeliac disease (malabsorption)
4. A history of asthma, rashes or hay fever
5. Favourite daily foods
6. Excessive daily mood swings
7. Frequent rapid colds
8. Seasonal allergies
9. Relief of symptoms with fasting
10. Intolerance to foods such as wheat or milk.

If a majority of the above apply you may benefit from:

o Methionine, 500mg, am and pm
o Calcium 500mg, am and pm
o Zinc 15mg, am and pm
o Manganese10mg , am and pm
o B6 adequate for dream recall (no more than 1,000mg)
o Vitamin C, 1000-2000mg, am and pm
o plus a basic supplement programme

Nutritional treatment is the Answer

"Several vitamins are noted for their effectiveness in reducing allergic symptoms. Vitamins C and B6 are probably the most effective. Dr. William Philpott has used both of these vitamins intravenously to turn off allergic symptoms provoked by testing for allergies. the patient on adequate vitamin C will have fewer allergic symptoms. B6 should be given to the point of nightly dream recall and the minerals calcium and potassium should be in plentiful supply in the diet. Zinc and manganese are also needed by the allergic patient. Elimination of the offending foods may be needed for several months. For multiple food allergies, in which this approach would severely limit the diet, a four-day rotation diet in which each food is eaten only once every four days should be tried. If this approach is unsuccessful, intradermal allergy testing to determine the degree of allergy and the neutralising dose of each allergen is recommended."

as well as testing for, and avoiding allergens

Allergies and Mental Health
"Many of these ragweed sufferers may also experience a sense of malaise and even depression, suggests a study reported in the July-August Psychosomatic Medicine."

Anxiety and Psychiatric Disorders
"Magnesium deficiency causes increased levels of adrenaline, which can lead to a feeling of anxiety."

Primary Causes of Anxiety Attacks, Anxiety Disorders or Panic Attacks
Candida overgrowth
Food allergies or Sensitivities
Caffeine (coffee, colas, chocolate etc)
Chemical sensitivities
Pesticides and herbicides
Hormonal fluctuations
Nutritional deficiencies
Adrenal fatigue


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