Thursday, January 20, 2011

Class: The Inflexible Explosive Child

Children do well if they can. They don’t choose to be explosive and non-compliant. Rather they have a delay in developing skills critical to being flexible and tolerating frustration or difficulty applying these skills.
Explosive Child handouts summarizing book: The Explosive Child, by Dr. Greene

Videos on Collaborative Problem Solving

Based on the book The Explosive Child, by Ross W. Greene Phd
Instructor: Jane Rekas, LCSW
Location: Turtle Dove Counseling
205 Oak St. Ste. 1
Dates: Wednesday 2/23/2011, or  Monday 4/11/2011, or 5/23/2011
End Date: One session
Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 8:00pm
Class Fee: $10
Community Education Classes Spring-Summer 2011

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Jane Rekas


Jane Rekas is a Licsensed Clinical Social Worker at Turtle Dove Counseling and Hood River DBT, Certified Hypnotist at Hood River Hypnosis, Reiki Master at Rekas Reiki, Astrologer at Astrological Counsel, and Seasonal Color Analyst at Expressing Your Truth.


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