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Software for Therapists

Apps for Clinicians

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Accumedic Software for Behavior Health
Complete Suite of Software Products for the Management of Behavior Health Organizations; Billing, Scheduling, Electronic Clinical Records,Eligibility Verification, Auto Remittance Posting, Custom Reports & More.

Advanced Psychotherapy Software - TheraQuick - for Mac & PC
TheraQuick is a state-of-the art billing and practice management solution for mental health professionals. Users are praising it for the aesthetic, intuitive interface and unparalleled ease of use! TheraQuick will track client attendance, automate session charges, automate client billing, submit electronic insurance claims, process credit cards, prepare deposit slips, and much more. Download a free demo and view the videos on the Website.

AlbaWrite Report Writing Software
If your job involves writing reports which are similar in structure or contain blocks of similar text then AlbaWrite is for you. AlbaWrite creates reports by asking you a series of questions. Many of these questions can be answered just by clicking options using your mouse, others only require you to complete a sentence or paragraph which AlbaWrite starts for you. Once you have answered the questions AlbaWrite compiles your answers into a report in your word processing package.
Billing & practice management software for mental health practices.
URL: provides a convenient, confidential, and cost-effective solution for caseworkers, clinicians, counselors, and other professionals who depend on valid measurement data for making important decisions.

BMCASE - Assessment And Treatment Planning Software
BMCASE is designed specifically for addiction and psychotherapy professionals. BMCASE establishes consistency within and across programs so that any counselor can view a chart and quickly identify issues particular to a client.

BMCASE Case Management Software
BMCASE© is a comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning software package, designed specifically for Behavioral Health professionals. The software includes client demographics, Intakes, Diagnostic Interviews, Substance Audits, DSM IV Coding, Treatment Planning and ability to set goals in each of six dimensions (Acute intoxication/withdrawal potential; Biomedical conditions and complications; Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive conditions and complications; Readiness to change; Relapse, continued use or continued problem potential; and Recovery environment).

Clinical Record Keeper $180
A simple,user-friendly, but very capable record keeping system for psychologists. Runs on Windows.

Confidant Software
Introducing Confidant, the new straightforward office managing software for therapists. Confidant offers you exactly what you need to successfully manage your office, no more, no less. This system was created with you, the small, private–practice professional, in mind. Confidant manages client information, session notes, and billing simply and efficiently to allow you to spend more time on clients and less on running your office.

Core Solutions, Inc.
CSI is an emerging leader in providing software solutions to the behavioral heath and human services industries. Our Care Enterprise solution is an integrated, web based software to co-ordinate scheduling, clinical documentation, billing and accounts receivable functions.

DocuTrac Software for Behavioral Health
Practice Management/Billing and Electronic Clinical Documentation for behavioral and mental health professionals and agencies.

Email For Clinicians
Desktop encryption for clinicians wanting to communicate with clients by email.

EMR Experts
We offer Electronic Medical Record software solutions specifically for the Psychiatric, Behavioral Health and Psychology specialties.

EMR Softrware for Behavioral Health Issues
We offer the industry?s first behavioral health content available within an EMR/EHR.

Epitomax: Web-based practice management software
Epitomax is a web-based, HIPAA compliant, practice management software solution that provides full integration between Patient Tracking, Service Activity, Accounts Receivable and Payroll.

Mental Health, Mental Retardation and drug and Alcohol billing and tracking software. Includes scheduling, productivity, treatment planner and assessment tools.

Office Management Systems
Mental & Behavioral Health Office All-in-One is a single data entry software fully integrating billing, clinical record keeping, and more, no double entries, ever.

Optimism Mood Chart Apps new
Mood Chart applications that help people manage depression and bipolar disorder more effectively. They help in working out the triggers of illness, the early warning signs of a decline, and personal strategies that contribute to good mental health. Many clinicians are using the apps as integrative treatment tools. They run on Windows, Mac, online and the iPhone.

PracticianWorks - Practice Management Software for Psychotherapists
PracticianWorks is designed and developed by a clinician, for clinicians. PW utilizes a modern, intuitive interface to make your billing as painless as possible. Let PracticianWorks free up the clinician in you!

PsychBook CMS $225
A practice management system for psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Documentation, scheduling, billing, and more in a powerful package written for therapists... not accountants.

• Client Information
• Scheduling
• Tools for Therapist
• Documentation
• Treatment Planning • Clinical Intake
• HIPAA Compliance
• Authorization Tracking
• Paper & Electronic Billing
• Payments and Outstanding Balances

PsychNotes is a comprehensive web-based electronic medical records system offering psychologists full service charting, scheduling, scanning, document repository and billing support in a flexible user friendly remote access format.

Therapy Office
Electronically handwrite your session notes, produce bills in seconds, and schedule patients with simplicity. Become and stay HIPAA compliant instantly. Free yourself from administrative anxiety as you grow your practice!

TherapyCharts? treatment planning electronic health record (EHR) system provides a pleasant and affordable way to manage your patient records, keep up with best practices, and stay on top of insurance claim requirements. Say hello to the fresh new look of your office. Without the cost, clutter and wasted effort of paper-based documentation, you can now spend more time on what really matters ? helping people get better.

Therasoft Online
Internet based practice management software solution for professional counselors, marriage therapists and social workers. The most comprehensive practice management software for therapists. Our solution enables a mental health professional to operate in a paperless office environment with the use of simple scanning technology and electronic filing cabinets


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