Counseling Services & Fees: Revised March 2011

All fees are based on a 50 minute session. Clients can request a longer session if preferred.

Individual Counseling (children, teens, adults, families):

With Insurance (see Panels below):  
Intake/Mentall Health Assessment: $150.00. Follow-up sessions: $120.00.
Telephone consultations, report writing and crisis work are all billed at $120.00 per hour.
A fee of $120.00 is charged for all sessions that are not cancelled with 24-hour notice.  Insurance will not pay for missed appointments, so you will be charged directly. In cases where there is less than 24-hour notice, call the office immediately. If you can be rescheduled within the same week, you will not be charged the missed session fee.

I accept cash, checks and money orders. If you would like to pay with credit card, set up a paypal account and send payment to

Without Insurance:  If you request a slide, Admin. fee may be waived.  Intake $125 (90 minutes), $90 per session thereafter.

Healthy Kids:  PacificSource and ClearOne are accepted

Couples:  Couples counseling is generally not covered by insurance.  If one partner is identified as having a medically necessary diagnosis warranting treatment, which contributes to marital difficulties, that partner's insurance may be billed.  Otherwise, couples treatment is $75/hour or can be eligible for a slide, if requested.

Supervision: As supervision is not covered by insurance (which requires a diagnosis), the administrative portion of normal fee is waived.  Supervision is $75 per hour.

OHP: only accepted at Mid-Columbia Center for Living at this time.

Insurance Resources: How to apply for OHP Plus and Standard, FIHAP, Healthy Kids, etc.

Slide:  please ask for more information, given occasionally.  If you do not have insurance, or cannot afford my fees, please contact these referrals:

 Leah Sklader Yost, MA, NCC 541-490-0269,
 Lori Walters, MA 541-806-4546,

Groups: $20 - $45 per session (90 minute group)

Miscarriage Support Group: no charge

Insurance Panels:
Full list of covered insurance companies. If you don't see your insurance listed, I can apply to get on that panel or we can check if you have out of network benefits.

If you have private insurance, you should read the numbers on the back of your card and call for information. You need to determine that you have mental health benefits, how many sessions are covered and your deductible and copay. Or you may provide me with a copy of your card to inquire for you.


Other Services:
Life Coaching
Reiki Healing Energy Sessions
Astrological Counseling

Client Forms


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