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Dear Jane...

"I had a question for you, about food addiction. I know I have a problem with food. I'm actually seeing someone now, a therapist through school. And it's going ok so far. I feel like the first few sessions were "dump sessions" where she's just asked a lot of questions, hoping to make connections with my food issues.I know you've mentioned Food Addict's anon and OA, etc. It seems you are pretty open about that kind of thing. The biggest fear I have is that because we have to face food every day, is it something that's harder to control? Is control even the right word? I'd really love some suggestions on books right now. I've started a "diet" (I hate using that word,) but I need to lose about 50 lb. I've gained/lost so many times and I want off this roller coaster. I need to fix the underlying problem. I'd just love any insight and ideas you have that can get me researching this more myself on the side.And, anything you can