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Healthy Families Play Together

Did you know what the most important plaything in your home for your child is?YOU!
There is no educational toy, so piece of sports equipment, no radio controlled gadget, no computer program, that can surpass what a child learns from their parent (or primary caregivers).

Not only are you your first and most important teacher, you are their first and most important playmate.The reason is that the primary way children learn, is through play.Play is the work of the child.

By playing with you, your child learns from infancy how to develop social relationships, how to get their needs met, how to learn what others are feeling, how to communicate, how to be empathetic, how language works, how to feel good about themselves, how to resolve conflicts, and on and on.

The play that has the most value is often the simplest.When you do very little and just follow your child, they often get the most out of it.We call this child directed play.

You become a sportscaster.“He shoots, he scores!”Just watch what your child is doing and make comments that show you notice.Play along with your child, as if you were another child.Let them choose how the play goes.They will love it.


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