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Parenting Approaches

  I have been a child and family therapist since getting my MSW in 1992.  It didn't occur to me right off the bat how much choosing this profession would involve coaching parenting strategies.  So I've done my share of research over the years.  Here's what I found: THERE IS NO  RIGHT  WAY TO PARENT. Contents of this post: Parenting Styles Continuum Developmental Affirmations Family Rules Parent by Personality Types Challenging Temperaments Highly Sensitive Children Explosive Children Trauma and Parenting ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Sensory Integration Autism and Aspergers Early Childhood Teens Chores House Rules Parenting is on a continuum .   This is best described by Jean Illsley Clarke (author of Self-Esteem a Family Affair), in Growing Up Again .  Parenting styles range from overly strict to overly permissive.  Probably moderation is the healthiest .  In the middle of the continuum, you should have a set of Non-Negotiable Rules and a set

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