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Recovery Meetings Online NAMI Frontline Wellness Quarantine Care Package  -  José F. Mata, L.M.F.T. Somatic Centering Practice  -  Sumitra Rajkumar (16 min) Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus  -  Jack Kornfield (13 min) Managing in the Midst of COVID-19  -  Peter Levine, Ph.D. (31 min) Not Losing Our Minds and Hearts When We Most Need Them: Mindfulness, Healing, and Wisdom in a Time of COVID-19  -  Jon Kabat-Zinn (livestreams) When the COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves Clients Feeling Helpless  -  Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. (5.5 min) COVID-19 Anxiety, Cultivating Safeness, and Polyvagal Theory  -  Stephen Porges, Ph.D. ( PDF ) A Zen Master's Tips for Staying Sane During Challenging Times  Plum Village ( audio ) Staying Physically Active During Self-Quarantine    Food and Nutrition Tips How to Protect Your Mental Health During Quarantine   ( PDF ) Mental Health Wellness Tips (see post  or PDF ) COVID Calm: Stress Managem

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